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Q.  How long has Valley Christian been in the East Valley?

A.  Valley Christian was founded in 1982 as a high school. Our junior high opened in 2018 to serve students in grades 6-8 as well. 

Q.  What grades are offered at VCJH?

A.  Our junior high campus serves students in Grades 6-8 on our campus in Tempe. 

Q.  What is the tuition cost?

A.  Please refer to the “Tuition and Fees” page, which contains the current tuition cost and other fees. Tuition payments can be made yearly, twice a year, or on an eleven-month payment plan. We offer need-based financial aid for those who qualify.

Q.  Does VCJH offer financial assistance?

A.  VCJH offers need-based financial aid to families who qualify. The student must have applied for enrollment to be eligible. Financial aid applications must be sent in by mid-February for consideration of financial aid. We also offer discounts to students with parents who are schoolteachers at local Christian elementary and secondary schools. Aid will be based on need and the availability of financial aid funds. Please contact the finance office for additional information.

Q.  Will the Junior High use the iValley Program like the High School?

A.  Yes, we will be implementing a 1:1 technology program for students and creating a culture of innovative learning similar to our high school experience. 

Q.  Do students have to wear uniforms?

A.  No, our students do not have to wear uniforms. VCJH has a dress code which is outlined in the student handbook. The clothing our students wear on campus is required to be modest and neat and consistent with our dress code.

Q.  Does VCJH have a bus service?

A.  While we will not have a bus service, we will have transportation available to connect the two campuses for families with students at both the high school and junior high. 

Q.  Do all students take Bible classes?

A.  Yes. Bible classes are required for every student in all grade levels. Biblical principles are integrated into our entire curriculum. All students also attend chapel once a week on Thursday mornings.

Q.  Is VCJH affiliated with a specific church?

A.  No. We are non-denominational. Our current families come from over eighty different churches.

Q.  Are tours of the campus available?

A.  Yes! We are always happy to schedule a personalized tour of the campus. You can schedule a tour online.

Q.  Where can new applications be submitted?

A.  New student applications can be completed online.

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