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Gifts to Financial Aid at VCJH

More than 85% of students at Valley Christian Junior High receive some sort of financial aid in order to attend VCJH.

Each year, we give away between $50,000 and $100,000 of in-house financial aid to our most needy students. Your generous support to our Financial Aid fund helps us to fulfill this commitment.


of families receive financial assistance

Each year, we build into our budget a certain percentage of dollars to give to students who have significant financial needs. As a school, it is our desire that any family that wants to provide a Christian education for their family should be able to do so, regardless of financial circumstances.
Please use the form to the right to make a gift to the Financial Aid fund at VCJH.

The SHARE Campaign is a student-led fundraising initiative that gives donors an opportunity to give to the school’s Financial Aid and Scholarship fund. Donors can purchase “shares” of Valley Christian for $100 (VCJH share) or $365 (Gold VCJH share), and each dollar raised is used for financial aid.

S.H.A.R.E. stands for Sharing Hope And Reaching Excellence, and our goal is for students to share the opportunities they have at Valley Christian with others, allowing the school to welcome even more families and more students into the VCJH community.

“I have always liked giving through the SHARE/Financial Aid program, as it gives you the flexibility to award to those most in need. I was one of those students. In the end, I had to leave VCJH after only one year to finish my HS education at McClintock because my parents couldn’t afford the tuition. In fact, I am relatively sure they were behind on the bill when I left. This is the biggest reason I give back… I wanted to stay, but money got in the way of that. Giving through this program has been the best fit for me to help another student remain at VCJH.

I am continually blessed when I see how the school has grown and to think of how the legacy continues.”

Janneane Moody
Original VCJH Student

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