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Thank you for your support

Thank you for supporting Valley Christian Junior High. With your support, we are better able to fulfill our mission for students to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, live like Him, and to prepare academically, physically, socially, and spiritually, enabled to make a difference in the world.

We’ve made it easier than ever to give to Valley Christian, whether one time or on a recurring (monthly, quarterly, annual) basis. Please use the form below if you’d like to give a gift today.

Ways to Give

VCJH Endowment Fund

Established in February 2015

Financial Aid

Awarded to students with the greatest financial need.

SHARE Campaign

Support the VCJH Financial Aid & Scholarship Fund through the SHARE Campaign.

VCVC (Volunteer Community)

Read about the volunteer opportunities available at VCJH.

ACSTO | Tax Credits

Find out more about the private school tax credits and ACSTO.

10 at 10

Join the 10 at 10 alumni giving program.

VC Investor

Set up monthly giving to VCJH.

Donations of Stock

Gifting stock to VCJH is a simple process.

Keep It Here

Find out how you can support VCJH through everyday activities.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Read about the sponsorship opportunities at VCJH, including events, teams, electronic, and more.

Matching Gifts

If you are already giving to VCJH, your employer may partially or fully match your gift to the school! Please consider checking with your HR department or visiting a site like this to see if your company participates.

Click here for a sample list of matching organizations.

(Note that the above “visiting a site like this” links to WorldVision. VCJH is not affiliated with World Vision; however, their matching gifts resource will accurately advise which companies match charitable contributions)

Make a Gift

If for any reason you cannot see the form below, or only a part of the form is showing, please refresh your page. When you are finished giving, the form will be replaced by a “thank you” message. You may need to scroll up or down to see it.

The form above is embedded into this webpage. This means that the entire page will not refresh after you click “Submit.” Please do not refresh your browser if you’ve pressed “Submit.” After submitting, your form will disappear and will be replaced by a “thank you” message. You may need to scroll up (or back down) to see this message. If you have any questions about your transaction, please contact Troy Thelen at [email protected]