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VCJH Sponsors / Partners

Corporate/organizational sponsorship is a great way to show your support for Valley Christian Junior High, while also gaining additional exposure for your business or organization. Whether you’re interested in sponsoring a sports team, our facilities, our newsletter, an event, and something else entirely, we would love to discuss this partnership with you.

Thanks to all of those who currently support Valley Christian’s education, fine arts, and athletic programs! Please consider supporting each of these organizations to continue to keep Valley’s community strong.

Use the interactive form below to see how much different sponsorship opportunities cost. You can also use the form to submit a sponsorship request if you’ve already decided how you’d like to partner with us.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities through Valley Christian, check out the Sponsorship Catalog.


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Sponsorship Form

Use the form below to see the total investment of the sponsorship(s) you are interested in. You may also submit the form below if you’ve decided how you’d like to partner with us!

The form above can be submitted once a sponsorship package is selected and an option is selected under the “I understand” text.  The “Submit” button will not appear until each of these is complete.