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As I reflect on our school and the incredible team we have here, I’m reminded of the country song lyrics that say, “I’m proud of the house we built, it’s stronger than sticks, stones, and steel…look at us today, we’ve come such a long way.”

I am truly proud of what we’ve built here at Valley Christian, by the grace of God and through the support of our community. Our desire as a school to seek innovation and strive for excellence has permeated every department and area of the school.

One of the main reasons I believe we have experienced this culture shift over the years is the incredible team we have educating our students, building relationships, modeling Christ, and working together for God’s glory. In fact, we have an exciting announcement we will be sharing in the next few weeks that goes to show just how special our faculty and staff are.

I have had the privilege of working with every teacher and staff member who has ever worked at Valley Christian over the 36 years we have existed. I can honestly say, and you’ve probably heard it before, I have never been more excited for where our school is today and our future. This is in large part due to the incredible team who have felt the call to work here. The culture of innovation and excellence I described before is driven by our faculty and staff, but I must say their main desire still remains on building relationships with students and each other. The focus on relationships is what got us from where we were 36 years ago to where we are today. I’m confident that same drive added with their desire to constantly improve, seek new ways to educate and prepare students, and create new opportunities for students to thrive, is what is going to take us into an exciting future.

Our team is truly special, and that includes our students, families, and community. I realize we’re not always perfect, but we pledge to always seek to do what is right and continually improve and innovate.

I’m proud of the house we’ve built; I hope you are too.

Dan Kuiper, Administrator