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iValley is the initiative to put an iPad in the hands of every student at Valley Christian in order to enhance student engagement, generate dynamic peer collaboration, and deliver immediate feedback on student assignments.

iValley is part of the technological revolution taking place on Valley Christian’s campuses. The first phase involved the expansion and refresh of the two computer labs on the high school campus, funded by generous donations at our 2014 Legacy Auction.

At the junior high, every student will be issued an iPad as a tool to enhance individual learning and prepare students for high school and beyond by creating a more collaborative learning environment.

Technology Revolution at VCJH

Some of the benefits of iValley include:

  • Instant feedback on assignments and exams
  • Strategic use of dozens of class-driven apps
  • Ability to perform up-to-date research in the classroom
  • Daily preparation for future use of technology in the classroom
  • Opportunities for peer collaboration sharing common data with real-time editing
  • iBooks and textbooks with the ability to annotate
  • One collection point for notes in every class with enhanced note-taking capabilities